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    Canvas catnip banana is another customer favorite!

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    1. The Best Catnip Toys Ever

      My cats just go crazy over the Mouse Factory catnip toys. I got them the banana and the carrot toys and they love them. My Devon Rex, Tangerine, carries the carrot around the house. on 30th Mar 2016

    2. My kitties are bananas fur these

      the catnip banana is perfect for kitties to hold and kick. When the package arrives they can smell the catnip and try to open the package themselves. These are wonderful cat toys on 10th Aug 2015

    3. The packing's a big hit too

      All of my cats LOVE Mouse Factory toys, but Kali especially likes the banana. The catnip crop this year must've been especially good, because even the packaging is irresistible to them this year! Thanks so much for making their Christmas special. on 25th Dec 2014

    4. Cappuccino Goes Catnip Crazy

      My cat, Cappuccino loves the products produced by The Mouse Factory! He actually goes into a frenzy when he smells the catnip inside the packaging bag itself. Once he is given the actual toy, it puts him into an uncontrollable "high" and he rolls around with his paws wrapped around his precious gift and then throws it up in the air, chases it for some time and repeats this for quite a while! It is entertainment for all of us! He LOVES The Mouse Factory Catnip products!!!!! Thank you! on 20th Jan 2014

    5. Catnip banana drove my "monkey" nuts!

      So a not so playful cat becomes a ball of energy when she gets her paws on this toy! She loved it. Velcro was so darn cute that I had to video tape it. My cats love all of their toys from Mouse Factory. on 26th Dec 2012

    6. best cat toys

      The breeder that we got our last kitten from had given us mouse factory cat toys for the kitten and his two brothers. They went crazy for them, and the potency lasts for a long time. We got them new toys for xmas. Needless to say, they spent xmas stoned. on 26th Dec 2012

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