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    Catnip Cigar measures 1 inch by 7 inches and is filled with our own dried catnip. The ultimate treat for your Cat!

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    1. Our Cats Love it!

      Our cats favorite catnip toy!!! Good price too! on 21st Jan 2016

    2. Cat Wont' Touch Other Catnip Items

      We picked this item up first at a little shop for our cat while were on on vacation in California. We gave it to her when we got home as her present and she loved the thing! After the toy had worn out, we went to some local places to find her something else similar. She seemed to like that fact that the toy was elongated so that she was able to hold it with her front paws and then scratch at it with her hind legs. We purchased a few other catnip toys with similar shape and size, but she wouldn't really touch them or play with them like she did that Cigar.

      So I found my receipt from the shop in California and ordered more of them online. Since then (few years back), I've ordered this and only this item for our cat as this is the only toy that she just loves!

      Bookmarked the page and constantly ordering her these stupid cigars! I hope they don't stop making them anytime soon!
      on 4th Nov 2015

    3. Classy and sassy

      My Kimmy loves catnip toys, but she specifically goes after this cigar with her other (equally new) toys within range--she loves it! Not only does she play with it all the time, but it also just looks so classy when she falls asleep with it sticking out from under her chin! on 7th Jan 2014

    4. Outstandingly buzzed

      I am laughing as I type this... Didn't expect the order to arrive so quickly and didn't think to mention it to my housemates. I got home tonight--someone had brought in the mail... and the order had fallen to a surgical strike. The padded envelope was chewed open and the toys were strewn around the foyer. No one was talking.
      I retrieved the amazingly tough toys and redistributed them. The two cigars went upstairs to my son's two cats, who immediately tried to kick the $%&#@ out of them. (Have you ever seen a Munchkin kick? It's a hoot.) The carrot and one of the snakes (still can't find the second one) went to Sib and Ling, the rescue kittens in my bedroom, who are growling and biting them. The whole house is redolent with the aroma of catnip, and everyone is good and drunk. I think I'm feeling a buzz myself.
      on 22nd Dec 2013

    5. Like a good cuban

      The guy said it was the best & he wasn't lying, it's the first cat nip toy our cat went crazy for. Highly recommend it!! on 23rd Nov 2010

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