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Flying Rooster

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    A fun, exciting, sturdy toy that you get to enjoy with your cat. Made with a strong, 18 inch plastic stick, a leather string, with fuzz and feathers on the end! This is definitely a kitty cat favorite!

    These stick toys come in assorted colors. They will either be natural feathers with a brown or sheepskin fuzzy patch, orange and black feaathers with a tiger print fuzzy patch, or black and white feathers with a dalmation print fuzzy patch. If you would like a specific color please place that in the comments section on your order. 

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    1. My cats LOVE this toy!

      The first one was a gift a friend brought over for my cats. Several years later I asked her where to get more, and so I ordered two more. I'm not sure who enjoys them more, the cats or us watching them play. Sturdy, well made and a great company. All of us here thank you! on 18th Dec 2016

    2. love the rooster!

      My cats love these!
      on 11th Jan 2016

    3. A new favorite!

      Both of my cats love playing with this toy. The "rooster" is well-made and withstands the punishment of two large Maine Coons. Additionally, the leather cord is strong and has not shown any wear. The product is a great addition to any cat home. on 29th Oct 2015

    4. Cats love it

      The cats love the feathers, and the fabric portion gives them a nice safe place to clamp their teeth around. My only complaint is that the stick should be longer to give better reach and faster runs. on 4th Apr 2014

    5. Flying fowl

      Chili and Pepper love playing with toys on a wand that have fur and feathers. They chase this toy and love their daily exercise routine.
      Mouse Factory makes fantastic toys,
      on 18th Jan 2014

    6. Great "flying" toy

      My six year old cat loves this toy. Just the right weight in the "rooster" and spring in the leather cord to both bat around and jump after. I like the fact that the cord is made of leather as well, as I worry about her chewing on the plastic-like cords of other similar toys. Hours of fun for the whole family! on 13th Jun 2013

    7. what a winner!

      Great toy! Nice long feathers and easy to carry. I have one that will carry this all over the house. It is a real favorite, can be used as a drag, jumping for, wiggle toy-any way your cat likes it. on 11th Apr 2013

    8. A great excersizer! My cat LOVES it!

      Years ago, I found this toy for sale at a cat show in the area, and bought 2 at an OUTRAGEOUS price. A few months later, when my 3 cats had ripped the feather out, I got a similar and supposedly better product ("The Bird") at the store -- and my cats killed in in a day. I searched and search for one like I had, but not until I found Mouse Factory Toys did I find the high quality I wanted! I presently have only 1 cat (the original 3 are with their dad, we divorced), and she LOVES this toy just like the original 3 did! THANK YOU Mouse Factory!!! on 16th Oct 2012

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