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Pipe Cleaner Bee

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    Pipe cleaner bees are a blast for your cat! They'll be busy batting and chasing them around!

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    1. "Bees For The Boys"

      Harry and Ron, our five year old Sal Point Siamese brothers love your bees. We find them all over the house if I (Linda) haven't picked them up and put them in the boys' white "Donut' Bed, (that we also bought from you), that sits on top of of our bedspread. When they become "ratty" and like a little ball, we go into their "hives" and pull out some more bees that continues to keep them happy. Harry and Ron have plenty of other toys, (all from The Mouse Factory), but it seems they love their bees most of all. Thank you for making our little guys so happy (also their caregivers). Linda and George Wells (and Harry and Ron) on 23rd Apr 2018

    2. Drives Cat Crazy!

      My cats absolutely love these. Well made and delivered quickly. on 19th Apr 2018

    3. Cats LOVE these

      These are my cats absolute favorite! on 2nd Apr 2018

    4. Another favorite!

      Many of my kitties over the years have loved the pipe cleaner bee. I find them stuffed in the couch cushions, under furniture, under the refrigerator. They just love them! on 24th Feb 2018

    5. Bees are all the Buzz!

      Simba loves pipe cleaner toys and these fun bees are no exception. They are very easily hidden under the stove, which is her favorite cache! But she knows I'll get them out for her. Then the cycle repeats. on 9th Nov 2016

    6. My Cats Love These Toys

      These are a great hit with our furkids. They provide both throw, chase and fetch, as well as, self play exercise and fun. Highly recommended. on 31st Oct 2016

    7. Cat play fetch !

      My Siamese cat Ziggy loves these pipe cleaner toys. He will drop one at my feet and bite my ankle until I throw it for him ...and we play fetch. on 6th Sep 2016

    8. The Boys and Their Bees!

      Thank you so very much for making and sending us the Pipe Cleaner Bees. Harry and Ron, our Seal Point Siamese, Neutered, Littermate, Brothers, who will be three years old on 14 April, have a box of your Mouse Factory Toys from which to choose, but it always seems your Pipe Cleaner Bees are their favorite.

      Again, our thanks. You have made everybody so-o-o happy!
      on 15th Mar 2016

    9. Pipe cleaner Bees

      My cats bat these guys all over the place! on 6th Sep 2015

    10. All time favorite

      Over the years the bees have been the favorite toy of most of my cats. They love to bat them around and carry them around. One piece of advice: Buy a number of them. They have a tendency to disappear under furniture. We go on a bee hunt periodically and "rescue" a bunch of bees. on 3rd Apr 2014

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