10 inch long kicker with plenty of catnip to keep your pet completely amused!

Kickers 10 or 12 inches

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    Approximately 9/10 (medium) or 11/12  (large) inch long Kicker, PACKED with plenty of catnip to keep your pet amused for a very long time. Kickers are lined with muslin for durability and quality.

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    1. Big Toy for a Big Boy

      Our Maine Coon, Puckaroo Banzai, is the size of a beagle. He loves catnip, and the 12” kick stick was perfect! After much kicking, tossing, chasing and hugging, he fell asleep on it like a pillow.

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      on 24th Apr 2020

    2. The Long Kickers Do NOT Last Forever

      It is at least a decade later and I am stocking up on the large kicker toys again because I cannot patch the old ones any longer. I mend them if a cat actually penetrates to get at the catnip. These are very strong toys and my army of Maine Coons still love the old ones, but nothing lasts forever. When I see the big guys rabbit-kicking a kitten, I pull a fresh kicker out of a drawer to distract them. (That's a relative term after cats have licked the ends until the toys are disgusting to touch.) I keep rotating the kickers and removing cat hair from them to keep the toys fresh. These are the best versions of the big kicker that I have seen because they are just sturdy cloth--not fake fur that cats might ingest. on 15th Aug 2017

    3. Hours of fun!

      This is a great catnip toy! My kitties love it and even throw it around with their paws! It smells good too, fresh catnip! Thanks for a great toy! I just re-ordered some since I hadn't bought any in a few years, but my cat was still playing with the old one and kicking it even though the scent had worn off! She likes to use it as a pillow too! on 9th Dec 2015

    4. My cats love it!

      My cars went crazy for hrs! Thank you for your great work in producing a quality cat toy. on 8th Aug 2015

    5. Cats love them!

      I have Maine Coons so often the toys are too small for them. The kickers are perfect for them-the right length so they wrap 'em up and strong material to take the bites of their big teeth. Really packed tightly with catnip.
      Hope they last!
      on 15th Jul 2015

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